Student-Centered Learning

This reflection refers to this article.

Me Learning – A Student-Centered Learning Model – by Terry Heick

Reflection by D Peech

In this article, the author developed a model to use for Self-Directed Learning (also known as heutagogy), realizing that this type of learning nourishes self-awareness, whereas industrial type of learning is about “getting everyone on the same page”. The model’s goal is to yield self-knowledge.

What I really like about this model is that it follows the STAR approach: Situation, Task, Action, Result and directs the learner to use measurable outcomes. Specifically, the Student Plan incorporates phrases that identify specific goals, targets, measures, and outcomes.

As a student, it would be a useful guide to encourage me to be a mature and thoughtful student; ensuring I get the most out of the classes I attend. By following the model, I could steer the instruction itself by being aware of what outcomes were important to me, and leading questions in the direction to keep me on task.

As an instructor, it would also be a great tool to use when designing curriculum – by using the model, and seeing through the students’ eyes.

Once the student completes the model, student and teacher (or family member/friend/peer/mentor) could then share thoughts on the student’s model to ensure accountability and to provide valuable guidance to the student to be successful in meeting the goals laid out in the model.

I also enjoyed the “Mind-Map” cover picture to help illustrate the model; breaking down the components of the model into an easy-to-visualize overview.

This model is quite intensive however, and for some, incorporating all of its components may be overwhelming depending on the learning outcome being pursued. I believe a student could still find the model useful in this case, by selecting only the relevant components for that student, and modifying the model to fit the student’s needs.

Question: Design a simple study plan (one phrase) for a topic you are interested in learning about.


One thought on “Student-Centered Learning

  1. Hi Terry! I’m very new to this concept of learning, so I would want to try easy little steps to see how it would work for me. This method of learning does excites me in my ability to be able to allow the student to progress at their own pace. I would like talk to you .


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