WebQuests -Who Knew?!?

This blog refers to this WebQuest.

I find the idea of WebQuests exciting, and I’m intrigued to use the already existing and developed WebQuests, and whenever time permits, to develop many more into our training programs – especially for our Station Operator training program. The delivery of this program is all self-directed, with assistance when practicing tasks as described in a project format. Currently we use printed manuals, and just this year, developed Computer based multiple choice questions to assess that learning outcomes are met. In the past, there were questions that were done on paper, submitted and marked all by hand.So we’ve come along way!

After perusing the existing topics – I see potential to use many of the current WebQuests (even though they may be geared for High School students, the information is the same) for Power, Electricity, Meters, etc.

In developing a WebQuest for the Station Operator program, one topic could be “Print Reading and Single Line Diagrams”. Three websites that would be useful are:



Single-line diagram of the AC transmission and distribution system

Tasks that could be developed could be of a case study format, asking the students to follow the single line diagram or print, and identifying which equipment would be affected if components of the system were to fail. By using problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills, they could further their knowledge by demonstrating how they would troubleshoot the described conditions in order to solve and repair the problem.

This WebQuest tool may be the bridge to the technological gap in our in-house training program, and for me – it’s electrifying!

Have you developed any WebQuests or used the WebQuest sites? If yes, can you tell me any pros and cons you’ve encountered? If no, are there any specific reasons why you wouldn’t use a WebQuest in your teaching environment?









2 thoughts on “WebQuests -Who Knew?!?

    • Hi Scott, there are not many webquests currently available in the field of electrical safety for the adult, but there are many I could edit or use to help me with the subject “electricity” and “safety” geared for the high school levels that I could incorporate. Thanks for your comment!

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