Inquiry Project

This blog refers to this Inquiry Project.

When deciding on the topic I wanted to learn for my Inquiry Project, I worried that “braiding a horse’s mane” was too easy and wouldn’t take the 5 hours suggested. However, it was something I wanted to learn, so I forged ahead.

This ability to choose my own topic reminded me how important it is to offer choice to my students. Choice promotes motivation and focus. It provides ownership and allows creativity and individualism.

As this was a self discovery project, I realized that sometimes it is essential to ask for help when needed. Frustration can set in as the student becomes lost in the process. This reaffirmed that as I teach I need to offer guidance, and help the students along the way by setting obtainable goals, and breaking the learning up into manageable and achievable sections. Formative assessment (such as a rubric) will assist in keeping the students on track.


The more I practiced the newly learned skill, the better I became – so to provide a lab or hands-on opportunity for learning is important for the classroom and learner centered approaches to teaching.

Sometimes learning something new helps you appreciate those who can already do the skill well. However, the sense of accomplishment of learning something new helps build confidence and opens pathways to future learning.

In the end, this project took well over the 5 hours suggested – another realization how time must be considered during the learning process.

By doing this Inquiry Project myself, it helped remind me of the frustrations my own students are faced with, and that time is such a critical aspect to learning. It is important to keep focused, motivated and remain patient during the learning journey.

How did you overcome frustrations you faced during your own learning journey?







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